About Me

Hi I am Poppy Guy and I am exchanging to Japan in 2020! My host rotary club will be Kanazawa East and I will be staying with my first host family in Wakunami. I decided I wanted to go on exchange when I was really young because I wanted to learn multiple languages. I started learning Japanese in high school, and fell in love with with the festivals, food and buildings. 

I currently live in Sydney, Australia. I was born in Melbourne, but moved up to Sydney when I was 1, so I have really grown up in Sydney. I have moved houses a lot but never moved out of the area I have lived in. I have gone on holidays out of the country before but never for more than two weeks and never without my parents. 

View from nearby lookout

I am currently in year 9 and my favourite subjects are Japanese and Science. My school starts at 8:50 and goes until 3:20 on Monday to Friday (I have heard it is different in Japan). We have five periods a day and they go for an hour each. At lunch me and my friends either sit and chat, stress about tests and assignments or chase after someone who has spammed our phones. I don’t find school that hard so exchange seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn something new and push me out of my comfort zone. I also plan on continuing straight into year eleven when I come back.

Outside of school I like to do lots of extra curricular activities. In a week I do 2.5 hours of volleyball, 1 hour of dance, 1 hour of aerial silks, 1 hour of piano and 1 hour of choir. Volleyball is my favourite sport and my school team has one the super zone finals 4 years in a row. I also really enjoy basketball but the games clashed with volleyball so I had to give it up. I really enjoy dance even though I only started this year, which means I am very behind everyone else in my class. My style of dance is contemporary/lyrical.

As my parents are divorced, I live at two houses. They are both pretty close to my school so I don’t mind. My dad is a dog person, even though we don’t have one at his house. Me and my dad love watching car races together and trying to guess who will win the race. I generally lose because I don’t know the racers that well or the types of cars. On the weekends we often read books or attempt a sudoku at a local cafe. 

My mum is a MAJOR animal person. At one point we had 7 chickens, 12 guinea pigs, 3 cats, 2 budgerigars, 2 hermit crabs and 8 rabbits. When we moved we had to give a few of them away and now we only have 4 cats and  possum that has invaded our house and now lives behind the microwave. My mum also likes being spontaneous. One time my mum said “hey do you want to go sky diving?” and the next day off we went and out of a plane we jumped. It is pretty fun not knowing when you are going to do something  crazy next.

This is Sophie the possum (yes we did name her and her mums name is Calcifer)